The never-ceasing growth opportunities, favourable market conditions, and improved business verticals encourage upward success trajectory. We collaborate and engage with a range of businesses to help them adopt strategic business direction and vision.

We provide an array of integrated business and sales consulting services. Through our in-depth knowledge and industry skills, we acquire a collaborative and innovative approach to your growth. From helping you leave a lasting sales impression to improving repeat sales, our team is equipped to ensure you receive higher revenue and better sales.

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Improved customer engagement
  • Better sales and revenue
  • High retention of existing clientele
  • Increased repeat business
  • Profit maximization

Sales Consulting

It can be hard to penetrate the market and attract more users. With competitors consuming your market space, you need to be quick, better, and more engaging. Our hybrid sales processes help you become market-ready. Whatever the market throws at you, you would be ready to take it and convert it in opportunities; revenue and profits.

Account Management

There are multiple account penetration and management strategies. Which one works for you? We bet you don’t know that yet! To help you build a winning strategy, our employees help you manage your accounts and retain growth opportunities. With us, you can understand customer goals and make stronger, improved connections.

Sales Assistance

Sales are hectic; we can’t deny that. You need to keep your old accounts while still creating new ones. At Exigo Consulting, we assist you to focus on your current accounts throughvaluable indicators and analysis, and grab more accounts with up-selling and cross-selling. Always stay on top of your sales game and create a seamless sales pipeline.

Lead Generation

To attract more leads, you have to reach more strangers and interest them with your product and service. That’s not it! You need to further convert these accounts and nurture them regularly to make them loyal customers or your spokesperson. At every leg of this journey, experts from Exigo Consulting can help you close that deal even faster!

Sales Pipeline Management

The faster you move along the sales pipeline, the more efficient your sales become. For this reason, at Exigo Consulting, we assist you in becoming more aware of your clients’ requirements and pain points. This knowledge helps you improve the deal size and reduce the close time. You can quickly move from one phase to another for deal closure.

CRM and Sales Training

It’s an open field out there. If your team is not using any sales or CRM tool, they are too behind in this race. We have the right expertise in sales, CRM, and related tools. With us, you can understand how to manage your customers, move them from one phase to another, and how to engage them in a better way. It’s your ideal route to success.

Cannel Management

We understand that you need a smooth and robust channel to direct your sales and marketing activities. Our team assists you in building a marketing channel and pipeline by hiring relevant resources for channel optimization. Through this support, you can manage the company’s goals, achieve success, and seamlessly handle every important process.

Branding and Marketing

We believe in supporting brands. This is why our marketing and branding services are originated from our passion for these activities. We can help you build a brand in the market, improve your market share, and create an unforgettable name. We nurture your brand and guide you through these branding and marketing activities.

Digital Stategies

There are no sales without marketing and marketing without sales. Our digital strategies for sales help you utilize famous marketing routes to win customers. This includes an optimum SEO strategy, influencer marketing, and CRM. Sometimes, we mix and match and cross-sell to receive the best results for your sales. Grab new customers quickly!